About Me

I'm Janelle and this is my jewelry blog.  
Well primarily about jewelry.  
It's like me - a work in progress, so right now it's about 
making my jewelry
my Etsy store
other artists
 and whatever interesting topics I can think of. 

I'm a jewelry designer, healthcare professional and now a new mom! (see pics of my baby here)- and can do (sort of) all,  thanks to my very supportive husband who puts up with all my jewelry-related obsessions.  Although I've always been crafty, I fell into jewelry making with the help of a co-worker, Julie, and never looked back.  I never thought about actually selling my jewelry, but some other co-workers convinced me of that.  A couple years later and here I am!

I love wire sculpture.  Modern, classic and organic shapes and looks inspire me and I enjoy designs that show off the beauty of the stones.  Therefore, my designs are usually complicatingly simple...or is it simply complex?  Either way, I like classic looks with a twist.

I believe jewelry shouldn't be expensive.  So, although my jewelry is sterling silver, argentium (anti-tarnish) sterling silver and gold filled with genuine semi-precious stones, I try to keep my prices as low as possible.  This has been a little difficult lately with silver and gold prices at all time highs!  Just because it's not expensive doesn't mean it's not as fabulous as anyone else's stuff!

I also LOVE cute skulls.  Don't ask me why, but I do!  I'm currently working on expanding my line to include cute little skull items.  Coming soon exclusive to me - ROSE GOLD skulls!  Yay!

I do donate my jewelry when the need arises and have given to CURECMD and jpalclub.org (for the Japanese Red Cross) to date.

Thanks to all my friends and family for their continuing support of me and my craziness!