Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orderly Civilians Giveaway end 7/10

As promised!
This is one delicious giveaway!  Meet Melissa, the woman behind this adorable product!  

She's got super sweet Apple Rings and Pendants that would look so great for the summer!  And who wouldn't love one of these to remind you of the coming spring in the dead of winter?!  I think these are GREAT conversation pieces and are sure to bring comments wherever you go.  They're VERY affordable, too!

Melissa, I love these adorable apple accessories!  Tell us a little about yourself and how these came about!

Mythic Golden Apple Ring
I'm 27, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but have lived in the US since I was 9. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture from USC and am currently studying landscape architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass. I'm avidly interested in industrial design and fabrication, but have a deep and abiding love for all things fluffy and cute. One day, I'd like my boyfriend and I to live in a house I designed, with a kitchen garden and a handful of hens, designing and dreaming all day long.

My shop began about 2 years ago, after a spring cleaning that brought me face to face with a pencil that I had intended to give to my elementary school teacher, years ago. It had an apple topper, and although I never got around to giving it to her, I could never bring myself to throw it away over the years. I had a few ring blanks lying around and out of whimsy, glued the apple topper onto one. The next day, I wore it out and received so many positive comments that it was inevitable that Orderly Civilians should be born! Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off in the unlikeliest ways...!
Red Delicious Necklace

As it was the one that started the store, I suppose that the Granny Smith apple ring is my favorite item, although the Red Delicious is by far the most popular. I also really like the globe series, especially the Gold Chip one. I'm inspired by everyday items that can be reimagined (such as snowglobes in the case of the globe rings), and I really love the work of artists such as Thomas Doyle, who take small, precious items (such as terrariums) and add an unexpected dimension to them.

In the future, I'd like to create more than just jewelry and branch out into small accessories. I've been working on a buttoned scarf that I'd like to get in to the store soon.

I love the necklace!  It's sooo adorable!
Wouldn't this be a great teacher-appreciation gift?
You can find Melissa here

I've got mine, so If you can't wait to get one of your own, 
you can still purchase one at a great price!
Melissa is offering you a 15% off her already very affordable prices.  Just enter code
in her etsy store at checkout!  
Hurry, because this great offer ends Aug 31.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  
Melissa is offering one lucky winner her 
Red Delicious Apple Ring!  So cool!  
Wouldn't this look fabulous on your finger?

How to enter:
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open to followers in the US, Canada and International!

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6.  Check out her wordpress and tell me which globe item you'd want (1 entry)
7.  Heart one of Jewelry By J's item in my etsy store (1 entry)
8.  Favorite my etsy shop

Contest ends on 7.10.2011 
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winner of JPantuck Giveaway!

Congratulations to Pauline Tran with her #28 entry...Liked Jpantuck on Facebook!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

EBN Art Studio GIVEAWAY ends 7/3

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!
Okay, I know this isn't jewelry, but isn't jewelry just like art?  Cheers to my fine arts background!   I bring you EBN Art Studio and the artist in the studio, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, tell us about you!

Warm Abstract Oil Painting
I am a 29-year-old abstract painter and teacher.  On Etsy, I sell my abstract paintings and prints in my shop. I enjoy challenging myself by representing objects from life in different and abstract ways.  

About a year ago, a former co-worker started an artist cooperative in the area and asked me to be a part of it. I was so excited and got busy building my body of work! While working on my pieces for the gallery, a few friends told me about Etsy. Around the end of July 2010, I started posting some prints for sale on my newly created Etsy shop, EBN Art Studio.
Mini Conversation Heart Painting
I find my inspiration for my work EVERYWHERE. Every time I visit a museum or show, I come back ready to work! Other times, the inspiration just seems to hit me from out of nowhere. For example, my husband was flipping through channels one day, and we stumbled upon a travel show. At one point, they were showing the freight moving in and out of the port of that particular city. I couldn't believe how bright and colorful the containers looked from above! This beautiful view of freight encouraged me to find more aerial shots of these sea containers from various cities and use the images as inspiration for a new series of paintings. Is it odd that I was more fascinated by the freight than the beauty of the city?

Camera Case Print
Right now, I’m happy with the piece that I just finished: “Beyond Abstraction: Freight No. 2, NYC.”  This is the second in my freight series, and I am planning on continuing and conquering new ports!

Thanks, Elizabeth!  

If YOU are looking for something to hang on your wall or to get a cool gift, it's your lucky day!
Get 20% off anything in her store with code BLOG2011!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  
EBN Art Studio is offering one lucky winner your choice of an 8x10 print (a $25 value)!
This is just one of the prints you can choose from!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manic Silver Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Carol who has won the Sterling Silver and amethyst earrings from Manic Silver

Comment #44
Hearting Manic Silver's jade, onyx, silver earrings

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have another great giveaway for you sponsored by JPantuck!

Meet featured artist, Jodi!  Her shop features an eclectic mix of dainty necklaces and chic leather cuffs with sweet surprises.

Sweet Memories Antique Gold Locket Necklace
 I'm a accountant half the week and I design jewelry and paint the other half!  -Keeps both sides of my brain active.  I was born in NY, live in LA, am married with two  teenage children.

I like to add a new twist to and old idea. For example, I designed a piece using a vintage locket with black and white photos inside onto a long gold chain piece with modern accents, like Swarvoski crystal and gold charms. 

Black Leather Cuff bracelet - I am sooo lusting over this one!

Sometimes I'm just attracted to colors or textures. For example, I love cream pearls with brown leather. The pearls are classic but combined with the leather makes it modern.  One of my favorite pastimes is to seek out unusual objects and give them new life by re-purposing them.  I find them everywhere:  flea markets, old jewelry that I cut apart and reuse, downtown LA, ebay and other etsy sellers.    Right now, I love leather.  And I love leather and pearls together!  So Spring!  It feels cool and hippy chic at the same time. 

Now for the GIVEAWAY
One lucky follower will win their CHOICE of ONE of the following items! 

Red leather bracelet

White leather necklace with pearl

Beach Linen bracelet

How to enter:
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Contest ends on 6.26.2011
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pictures from Fundraiser

A couple of weeks ago, I advertised for the Japanese Culture Week and Fundraiser in Pasadena.  Do you remember?

It was my pleasure to donate some of my copper jewelry.

 It was Saturday on May 21st.  Since I was working that day, Kei sent me pictures from the Bazaar! 
My items for sale!

Chaotic knot stud earrings in copper

Copper and bead double strand necklace

 She tells me they were a big hit and helped raise money for a great cause!  Thanks so much for the pictures, Kei!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dazzling Adornments Earring Winner!

Congratulations to Lisa Weidknecht for winning with her #28 comment "I like Dazzling Adornment on facebook".

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's my pleasure to introduce you to another jewelry artist
Christina Thompson from MANIC SILVER!

Her shop carries sterling silver, silver plated, gemstone, and Swarovski crystal handmade jewelry as well as some vintage items.

Hi Christina!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop! 

Sterling Silver Butterfly and Porcelain earrings
I started making jewelry about four years ago after I became ill with a severe anxiety disorder. One of the doctors orders was to find a hobby that helps to relax me. I decided on jewelry making because, well, I'm a self proclaimed jewelry addict. It only seemed natural. lol After my condition begin to improve, I just kept making jewelry. I never really thought about selling it until my mother-in-law encourage me to. That's when I found Etsy through Casey Brown. As soon as I bought my first item, I was addicted. 

Silver, Citrine & Swarovski pearl Fancy Link Necklace
My items are either 100% Sterling, or Silver plated. It depends on the item.   Everything that is marked Sterling Silver, is 100% sterling materials. Anything that is Marked just Silver is Silver plated brass, or Silver filled wire. I use some glass and Swarovski crystals, but most of the time I use semi-precious stones.

Vintage Rhinestone and Gunmetal Silver Necklace
I would have to say that nature itself is a huge inspiration. When I was a kid I  loved collecting gemstones whenever we'd visit the Oregon coast.  I also  love the counter balance of natural  gems with the cool shiny silver. Sort of my blend of modern styling with natural beauty.

Manic Silver is also offering readers of this blog a great discount at her etsy store!
Just enter SUN15 for a 15% discount!


Christina is offering one lucky follower a pair of gorgeous sterling silver and natural amethyst earrings!  
Aren't they pretty?!

How to enter:

open to followers in the US only

1.  Mandatory entry:  Be follower and Check out Manic Silver's shop on etsy and then come back and fill out form below

Optional Entries:
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6. Heart my etsy shop or an item in my shop! (1 entry)

Testing out a new giveaway form.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Contest ends on 6.19.2011
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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I recently got this super cute red delicious apple necklace from Orderly Civilians!

Adorable, right?

I think this would make a GREAT gift to someone's favorite TEACHER! =)

 It's a tiny wooden apple dusted with gold leaf and hangs on a silver chain with a lobster claw clasp.  The coloring is just right, too - a little darker at the top and bottom and lighter around the middle.  It really does look like a miniature of the real thing!  Well, without the gold leaf, that is =)  
The attention to detail is AMA-ZING!

I thought it was going to be a bit big, but it really isn't and is the perfect size!

Here's the packaging it came in.  I love that it's recycled and a little industrial at the same time, yet does the job of keeping the little jewel protected inside!  And it's so original - definitely not your typical gift box.  This one's sure to attract attention.

take a peek inside the ingenious packaging...safely packed and absolutely no risk of damage!

Here's a pic of me wearing mine!  I got it on the 25" chain and I love how it gives my outfit a pop of whimsy and color!  So fun!  And @ a $16 price point, would make a great gift for ANYONE!

This little apple is sooo cute on!  And because it's wooden, it's really light weight!

I think this is a GREAT summer accessory and would look darling with a cute summer dress and denim jacket!  Perfect for a beach BBQ, garden party or just hanging out.  A PERFECT gift for your favorite tween, teacher or just plain anyone!

What a great way to celebrate the summer in a fun, whimsical way!  Do you like other cute and fun stuff?  They've also got these great adjustable globe rings that I think would be perfect for your tween, pre-tween or the young at heart (like me =) ).

Now that you want one and have got to have one,  =), you can get yours at Orderly Civilians!  Wouldn't  one of these be fun and eye-catching on your finger this summer?

I wore this to my work on Memorial Day and everybody loved it and thought it was so unique!

Melissa is offering my readers 15% off her already very affordable prices.  Just enter code
in her etsy store at checkout!  
Hurry, because this great offer ends Aug 31.

Stay tuned  and come back soon, because YOU can enter to win this super cute red delicious apple ring (it's adjustable!) from Orderly Civilians between June 30 - July 10 on my blog!  Whoo hoo!

Find Orderly Civilians here: