Sunday, November 27, 2011

Heart Of Stone Giveaway ends 12/5!

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! - lots of eating, family and lots of shopping!

Speaking of shopping, what a great time to talk about my next guest!

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Rachel from Heart of Stone!  She makes an array of beautiful natural stone and gemstone jewelry!

Rachel, please tell us about yourself and your beautiful creations!

I've been a professional seamstress (among many other things) in the costume industry for 21 years, making garments and props for theater, movies, TV, ice shows and even parades.  I was once on a reality TV design competition show, too!  I wasn't a contestant, but 1 of 3 professional seamstresses there to assist the competitors.  It was dang fun, too!  I still make costumes, but the jewelry has taken a front seat in my life, so all my energies go to the jewelry now.
When i first started making jewelry it was just as gifts for loved ones and me, then I started selling at fairs and shows.  I have a lifelong love affair with rocks because my mom was always a rock gatherer and that quirk (or quality, depending on your point of view!) has been passed down to me and my sister both.  You can find the three of us together in a dry creek bed with our butts in the air and faces to the ground, looking for any rocks, stones and minerals that catch our eyes.  So you can imagine the collection we all have in our homes and gardens!  Friends go on vacation, and what do they bring me?  A handful of rocks from where they went!  I really love that!  So my natural choice of medium to work with is gemstone!  Showcasing the beauty of the stone is my passion and muse.  I don't know the metaphysical properties of the stones, because they all make me happy!

This has been the most creatively fulfilling and satisfying time in my life, and i can't wait to see what happens next.  I have a dream of opening a shop where it's half garment manufacturing (I have a men's line of shirts in the works) and the other half id dedicated to all things costumes.  I have a small room all to myself for Hearts of Stone!
This coming January I will be participating in a gift lounge at the Golden Globes as a member of The Artisan Group, which is a juried group of artist.  The Group promotes the artist's work through gift lounges at red carpet events.  There will be a table with displays and swag bags to give away.  I'm going to be gifting 100 pairs of earrings to the celebs, so I'm very excited!

My favorite pieces in my shop?  Too hard!  I love it all!  Seriously, if I love a piece so much that I don't want to sell it, it sells!  I love some more than others, but I can't make a living by not selling anything!  Right now at this very moment, my favorite is the Lucky buddha black corral fossil.  

Thanks Rachel!  I love all your items!  Now that YOU have to have one of Rachel's items, go check out her etsy store!

Find Hearts of Stone here:

You can get 15% off your entire purchase!
coupon code HOSJ15
at checkout in etsy!

Win these gorgeous ocean jasper and moss opalite earrings in Gold Filled!
They are 2 3/8" in length and have glass and Swarovski crystal accents

Two ways to win!
1.  You can head over to Rachel's place and clean her house - she says she will give you a jewelry set!  =)  ha ha ha
 2.  You can win by entering the rafflecopter form below:

Open world wide!

Mandatory 1st entry:
Check out Hearts of Stone and come back and fill out the rafflecopter form below
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extra optional entries (1 entry each unless otherwise indicated):
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ends 12/5

Friday, November 25, 2011

New iPad app for kids! Free download of June Blossom's ABC Coloring app for Black Friday!

June Blossom ABC Coloring Book

Limited time free download for Black Friday!!!

I know i usually talk about jewelry, but I know a lot of you moms out there are always looking for ways to entertain as well as educate your children!

One of my friends (who is a physician and whose wife has design background for a big name company *wink*) came up with this application for iPad to help educate his little girl because they just couldn't find anything out there to help kids learn.

Their emphasis and belief has always been that they want her to have a superior command of the English language.

We all know that kids learn so fast and always want to be involved with things that we are.  So, my friends wanted to make something different, something better, and something fun.  They spoke to teachers, parents and looked at how their child, as well as other children, use the iPad and other tablet devices.  

Check out their new application!

It's called June Blossom ABC Coloring book and is for babies and toddlers to learn to read and write, learn their colors and numbers!

Check them out on facebook, too!

Stop by and tell them Jewelry By J sent you!

For black friday, they are offering one lucky person a free download of the app per hour!!!!  Hurry, this only lasts today!
What a cool deal!  And if you miss it, the app only cost 99 cents!

If you're happy with their application, they also have a bunch of other add ons that are great!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mutti Giveaway ends 11/27

It's my pleasure to bring you another giveaway sponsored by Mutti!  

Meet Mutti shop owner, Linda

Industrial Beauty Necklace
I am a lifelong native of Philly and I love to walk the trails of the Wissahickon Creek. Much of the creek now runs through or next to parkland, with the last few miles running through a deep gorge. The beauty of this area attracted the attention of literary personages like Edgar Allan Poe and John Greenleaf Whittier. The gorge area is now part of the Fairmount Park system in Philadelphia, and the Wissahickon Valley is known as one of 600 National Natural Landmarks of the United States. Industry sprang up along the Wissahickon not long after European settlement, with America's first paper mill set up on one of the Wissahickon's tributaries. A few of the dams built for the mills remain visible today.
I have been making jewelry from objects found in the Wissahickon which range from broken glass and weathered metal objects to river stones.
Love and Death Bracelet

My inspirations vary.  Walking in the park, beautiful flowers, my daughter, and when I can find time to sit and let my mind wander sometimes inspiration will strike.  I also often sit and arrange and rearrange some of my finds until they find their order. Of course things that one thinks will look awesome in a picture often don’t come out right.  Working with metal means I can take it apart or recycle it if I don’t like the final product.
Love Mutti's stuff, but can't wait until the giveaway's over?
You can get 20% off with code DREAMY right now!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  
Mutti is offering one lucky winner her 
lampwork copper bracelet!

How to enter:
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Fill out the rafflecopter form below
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open to followers in the US, Canada and International!

1.  Mandatory entry:  Check out Mutti's etsy shop; then come back and come back and fill out the rafflecopter form below (1 entry)

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Contest ends on 11.27.2011
Winner will be chosen by

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New! Rose Sculpture Jewelry

For one of my best friend's wedding this past October, I designed these simple and modern rose sculpture (scribble?) earrings!  Her theme was roses and her colors were red and gold, so I thought it was appropriate!  These sets are what the bridesmaids wore.  All materials are gold filled with semi precious stones.  

What do you think?

Set #1:  

Of course, you don't have to put them together this way, but I liked the small earrings with the large necklace :

Small rose sculpture earrings dangling on a large clear quartz crystal with large triple rose necklace.  The rose in the center of the necklace is larger than the ones on the sides:

Here's a close up:

Set #2
Large single rose sculpture earrings with crystal quartz "dew drop" with triple mini rose sculpture necklace:

close ups of the earrings and necklace:

and last, but not least, the earrings I designed for the bride herself for her rehearsal brunch:

double rose earrings:

These are all now listed for sale in my etsy shop!
Check it out!

I think they came out so much better than I was expecting!  Her wedding was simple and elegant and I wanted earrings that wouldn't be too over the top or "bridesmaid-ey" and I think they came out very well.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Yawnydifranco headband giveaway! ends 11/21

I'd like to introduce you to Megan, owner of Yawnydifranco - a shop with an eclectic mix of items, from pottery and jewelry to hair accessories and art work!

My name is Megan and I just graduated from college with an art degree and have worked at a craft store for almost 7 years now, which is why I think my shop has such a wide range of products - I love trying out new things!

My shop, Yawnydifranco, is just about a year old and contains many of the pieces I have made for classes.  In addition to that, some pieces I have made outside of class on my own as well as some more crafty things like my knitted goods.  I love trying new crafts and using new materials - looking at other Etsy sites definitely keeps me inspired and motivated to try new things. 

Right now, I'd say my favorite item is my braided knit headband (like the one I am sponsoring for the giveaway).  They are fun for me to make, and they look very nice with a dress or even something more casual like jeans.  I get compliments every time I wear one!

I also try to keep my prices reasonable, and I really feel like I have a little something or everyone!  I'm open to doing custom work as well - so if you see something, but would like it in a different color, feel free to contact me!

Where you can find Yawnydifranco:


Like something from the shop?
Megan is offering YOU 10% off you entire purchase
enter code 10NEW at checkout!
*Bonus - Thanksgiving Day - Cyber Monday, Megan is offering FREE shipping!*


If you love the headband, you could win one for yourself!

Check out Megan's shop and then come back and fill out the rafflecopter form below for entries!
You must be a follower of my blog to win!

Open to US residents!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bella Anela Giveaway ends 11.14

Who doesn't love pretty jewelry?!  Do you recall about a month ago, I ranted and raved about adorable earrings I got from Bella Anela?  Well, here's your chance to get your own if you haven't already!  Angela is offering one lucky reader a gift certificate to her etsy shop!  Angela, tell us about yourself...

Aqua Quartz and Coral Teardrop earrings
My name is Angela and I was born and raised in Hawaii. 
I've been creating jewelry for about six years now, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine who first taught me the wonders of wire wrapping. While her business has been flourishing over the past several years, I had been happily tinkering along, not overly concerned about what I was going to do with all of the stuff I had been making. Then, a little over a year ago, I discovered Etsy. **Pausing for the horrified gasps to abate and for jaws to be picked up off the floor** Yes. Thanks to a few supportive coworkers and some complete strangers, I've finally discovered a place where I can obsess over how many people have "favorited" my shop and if my pictures are as good as the next Esty seller's. But I'm mostly just jazzed that people all over the world can now see what I've been working on at 2 in the morning.
Ice Blue Swarovski Hoop Earrings

Much of my inspiration comes from fleeting glances of what some stranger was wearing as we happened to pass by one another. Rather than risk looking like a lunatic by running after them to ask if I could take a picture, or even hold it in my hands so I could study it for a minute (I promise I'll give it back!), I scramble to find a writing utensil and a scrap of paper. My sketches usually end up looking very little like what I thought I had remembered seeing in that fraction of a millisecond, but by then the spark has already been lit, and the wheels being a-turnin'.

Lace Blue and Cream Cuff
One of my favorite items is my Lace Blue and Cream Cuff.   This was the first one that I had made of that style, and I loved the process of figuring out how I could incorporate the different materials - fabric ribbon, lace, and various beads - to create a wearable piece of jewelry.

Now for the GIVEAWAY
One lucky follower will win a gift certificate for $10 to Bella Anela's etsy store! 

How to enter:
Mandatory:  You must be a follower of my blog!
Open to followers in the US 

1.  Mandatory Entry:  Check out Bella Anela's etsy store and then come back fill out form below.  Be sure to leave me your blogger ID (1 entry)

optional entries (1 entry for each one you do):
3.  Like Bella Anela on facebook and tell her Jewelry By J sent you
4.  Heart one of Bella Anela's item in her etsy store
6. Heart my etsy shop
7.  purchase an item from Bela Anela's etsy store (10 entries)

Contest ends on 11.14.2011
Winner will be chosen by