Friday, November 25, 2011

New iPad app for kids! Free download of June Blossom's ABC Coloring app for Black Friday!

June Blossom ABC Coloring Book

Limited time free download for Black Friday!!!

I know i usually talk about jewelry, but I know a lot of you moms out there are always looking for ways to entertain as well as educate your children!

One of my friends (who is a physician and whose wife has design background for a big name company *wink*) came up with this application for iPad to help educate his little girl because they just couldn't find anything out there to help kids learn.

Their emphasis and belief has always been that they want her to have a superior command of the English language.

We all know that kids learn so fast and always want to be involved with things that we are.  So, my friends wanted to make something different, something better, and something fun.  They spoke to teachers, parents and looked at how their child, as well as other children, use the iPad and other tablet devices.  

Check out their new application!

It's called June Blossom ABC Coloring book and is for babies and toddlers to learn to read and write, learn their colors and numbers!

Check them out on facebook, too!

Stop by and tell them Jewelry By J sent you!

For black friday, they are offering one lucky person a free download of the app per hour!!!!  Hurry, this only lasts today!
What a cool deal!  And if you miss it, the app only cost 99 cents!

If you're happy with their application, they also have a bunch of other add ons that are great!

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