Giveaway entry FAQ

1.  What's with the new giveaway form?
I am trying out a new form from Rafflecopter for the giveaways.  Now, instead of leaving comments for the giveaway, just click what you did and add any comments asked of you.  This is on a trial basis and i would appreciate if you tell me if you like it or not.  =)  i tried it out myself on other blogs and thought it was a lot faster.

2.  Do I have to do everything asked of me for entry?
No!  The only thing mandatory to enter are:  a.  you must be a follower of this blog and b.  you must do the first request - usually it's to check out the sponsor's etsy page and tell me what your favorite item is

3.  How are winners chosen?
Rafflecopter automatically generates a winner using

4.  How will I be notified if I win?
The sponsor or myself will email you if you win.  
You have 48 hrs to respond or another winner is chosen.
Please make sure that your blogger profile has your email address and that it is not private.  

5.   I haven't received my prize yet. What's going on?
If you haven't received your prize within 2 weeks of winning it - please email me and I will get in touch with the shop owner who is mailing you your prize to see what's going on.

6.  How do you find out who wins a giveaway?
Giveaway winners can be found by clicking on the giveaway link after the giveaway has ended.  Please give me and the sponsor a couple of days to verify entries and email the seller.  The giveaway winner is then announced on the rafflecopter form.

Sponsors FAQ

1. Do you only host giveaways and reviews for Etsy/handmade shops?
No! Any shop/company large or small ... handmade or not - as long as it's family-friendly.

2. How do I go about having you host a giveaway or review for me?
If you are willing to sponsor a giveaway or review Email me!  Even if you don't think your product is a match for my site, I'm sure we can work something out!

3. If I have you host a giveaway for me - am I required to send you a review product as well?
No, that is not a requirement. Unless you have skull items =)
I will say that reviews do get an extra post and I do not post my personal opinions on your product if you do not send me an item to review.  I prefer receiving a review product because I like to actually be able to honestly say that your product is of good quality, I can vouch for it, etc.  If I don't receive a product, I will still promote your shop, but it will be in an interview format.

4.  Is there a minimum retail value for my giveaway?
There is no real minimum value for your giveaway item.  
Consider that you want your giveaway to attract attention and to make the giveaway worth your time and effort.  Sometimes when the giveaway is too small, it doesn't attract reader interest, there will be minimal entries.   Not attracting reader interest means less views of your shop.
 I usually request at least a $10 retail value amount for your giveaway.

5.  Can I giveaway a gift certificate instead of an item?
Absolutely!  The giveaway is totally up to you

6. Do you charge $ for you to host a giveaway or review for me? 
Items sent to me for review are not returned 
(think of it as a gift to me for all the extra time and effort I put into your extra blog post) 
You're offering to ship a prize to the winner... that's enough. 
Some of the items sent to me for review will be donated (with all your information, of course) to one of my favorite charities - CURECMD or jpalclub where they will be sold or auctioned =)

7.  How is the date of my review/giveaway determined?
a.  I usually line up posts in the order I receive the completed packet of necessary information and photo's from you.  
b.  I can work with you if your item is season specific 
c.   I may run your giveaway with a non-competing item for review (like artwork and jewelry), although sometimes similar items (like jewelry) may overlap depending on how packed the schedule is.  I try hard not to let this happen.
d. priority is given to those who send me an item for review.  Your giveaway will not overlap with similar items for giveaway/review

8. When do the giveaways close for entry?
In the title and at the end of each giveaway post, I will write giveaway ends ___(date)___ 
 giveaways close on that date @11:59pm EST.  I usually list the giveaway on thursday and run for at least 10 days (so it will close the second sunday after that)

9. How is the winner chosen?
Now that I'm using a rafflecopter form, rafflecopter chooses the winner randomly using

10. The giveaway's closed. Now, what?
a.  I email you to let you know there's a winner.  One or both of us then verify they have done whatever they said they did and one of us will contact winner via email. 
b.  Winners have 48 hours to contact either of us or another winner can be chosen.
c.  you send out the winner's item directly to them. 
d.  If you have sent me an item to review, as a courtesy to you, you also have the option to send me your giveaway item at the same time and I can send the item out for you (as long as it's not too heavy or you run an international giveaway).

11. How about ads? What are your rates?
I actually do not offer ads - unless I receive your product for review and absolutely LOVE it! 
I don't like to clutter my blog too much!


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