Friday, June 25, 2010

connie earrings

These earrings were commissioned by my friend Connie (hence the name!). She was my very second customer and wanted something classy and that would match everything. These are silvery purple 9mm freshwater pearl accented by a similar color 2 mm seed freshwater pearl. All in sterling silver. Her cousin, Amy, liked them so much, all her bridesmaids got one! Thanks, guys!

caroline necklace

Since the white version did so well, I decided I wanted one more color. For anyone who knows me, my favorite colors are white, black, blue and grey. I love how the grey of these freshwater pearls have a subtle lavendar in them. I gave one to my sister-in-law for Christmas.

I think it was around Christmas time that word of my jewelry making was spreading. I had since put up pictures in my picasa web album - mostly as my own documentation. People I had never really spoken to before were starting to come up to me to ask about ordering jewelry! Then they were asking me if I had a catalog or a website. When i showed them my pitiful web album, they then started asking me to add prices! This kind of pushed me further into selling jewelry and I got a ton of orders for Christmas. I started naming my jewlery after the first person who purchased an item.

The necklace that started it all

This is the necklace that launched me into selling my jewelry. I was inspirted to make it when I was browsing a boutique store and saw a necklace that was relatively similar. I was shocked at how much they were asking for fake pearls and non-precious metal. I thought to myself that I could make that! This was my interpretation and I wore it to work (all proud of myself) and one of my colleagues (Emily) made a comment that she liked my necklace. I blushed and told her I made it myself. She promptly asked me if I could make three more...

This is approximately 36 inches long and sterling silver and freshwater pearls. I like that it's long because it can be worn long or doubled like in the picture and worn short. =)

Katerina earrings

These earrings were the very first piece of jewelry I made after Jules took me to the jewelry district. It's silvery blue button freshwater pearls on sterling silver chain. I also took my own picture - I like to document all the stuff I do - hahaha. Can you tell I took the picture by myself with my little point and shoot camera?

I was just dying to make something at this point. From studying some jewelry I had at home, I thought..."how hard could it be?". I sent myself to Michaels arts and craft store and bought a small plyers set that I still use to this day. I browsed through one or two beading books while I was there just to get my basic technique down and i was off!

Once these were made, I decided I would give them to a friend who's birthday was conveniently around the corner :). I find that ever since istarted making jewelry, I LOVE giving gifts! I didn't have boxes yet, but I had all envelope templates from my former life as a card-maker (another hobby) so I made vellum envelopes and used them as make-shift gift boxes. I wish I had taken a picture of those

Getting started

What started off as a small interest in jewelry has now become a full blow obsession of mine. It started with my friend Julie at work (I do have a day job!). She had started making jewelry about a year before she got me into it. At the time, I didn't quite understand the obsession. But one day she brought in these freshwater pearls and silver skull beads, and i was hooked! See below for the lovely results of my first piece of jewelry. It's still my favorite necklace, although I don't think I could restring pearls again without Julie's help if my life depended on it! ha ha ha. I love how the classic pearls contrast with the silver skulls.