Friday, June 25, 2010

Katerina earrings

These earrings were the very first piece of jewelry I made after Jules took me to the jewelry district. It's silvery blue button freshwater pearls on sterling silver chain. I also took my own picture - I like to document all the stuff I do - hahaha. Can you tell I took the picture by myself with my little point and shoot camera?

I was just dying to make something at this point. From studying some jewelry I had at home, I thought..."how hard could it be?". I sent myself to Michaels arts and craft store and bought a small plyers set that I still use to this day. I browsed through one or two beading books while I was there just to get my basic technique down and i was off!

Once these were made, I decided I would give them to a friend who's birthday was conveniently around the corner :). I find that ever since istarted making jewelry, I LOVE giving gifts! I didn't have boxes yet, but I had all envelope templates from my former life as a card-maker (another hobby) so I made vellum envelopes and used them as make-shift gift boxes. I wish I had taken a picture of those

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