Friday, August 31, 2012

Modern Flower Child Giveaway -Choose an item of your choice!

Super cute shop!  Beautiful flowers preserved forever!  A true artisan!  And guess what?!  She takes custom orders!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have jewelry made of the first flowers you ever got from a loved one?  A bangle from the sand collected from your honeymoon?  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Real flowers, grasses and other foliage are handpicked, dried and embedded into crystal clear resin. Each piece is shaped into a nice slip on style bangle and given a crystal clear finish that sparkles in the light.

Pink Earrings- Pink jewelry- Real Flower Earrings-Pink Flowers- Pink Flower Jewelry- Resin Jewelry- Post Earrings-Rose Buds- Stud Earrings

I have a love for jewelry from the Modern Era (1900’s-1980’s), especially the style of the early 1970’s in which these bangles were inspired from.
Each piece of handmade artisan jewelry you will find is an original design and is a tribute to the beautiful things nature offers us.

Flower Jewelry- Resin Bangle-Jewelry with Real Flowers- Flower Bracelet- Pink Flowers- Green  Bracelet-Resin Jewelry-Green Bracelet
The jewelry in our shop is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, bumps and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the jewelry.

ModernFlowerChild is open to custom orders and will soon be making pendants, rings and other beautiful flower resin jewelry

Warmth- Real Flower Jewelry- Dried Flower Jewelry- Flower Pendant- Resin Jewelry- Orange Pendant- Brown Pendant

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Bad Chihuahua Design $25 GC Giveaway

I have another great giveaway for you!  My pleasure to introduce Alex from Bad Chihuahua Design; whose shop is filled with great accessories for reasonable prices!

Hi!  My name is Alex, and I live in a small country in Europe named Republic of Serbia.  Bad Chihuahua Design was created in 2009 and it all started as a hobby, but today, my jewelry is sold outside the borders of my country; mostly in the USA, Canada and in several European countries.

Selene deep brown leather bracelet
I believe the wearing of accessories is a reflection of who you are and how you choose to present yourself to the world.  Your choice of artisan jewelry is an outward expression of your love of art and a peek inside what stirs yours soul.  I am honored that my jewelry adorns the bodies of so many unique women and I strive to continue to create pieces that not only stir, but ignite, your souls.

As the sole designer of all items available on my Etsy shop, I take exceptional care in the creation of each piece and pride myself on the high quality of the final product, an original, wearable work of art.

Puzzle bracelet

I insist on working with high quality materials to ensure that the finished piece is beautiful and can endure regular wear for years to come.  My pieces include natural materials:  leather, stone, pearls, and gemstones combined with silver and stainless steel.

come to visit my shop!  Its a place to find a few of your favorite things, a place to find the things you remember growing up and the happy times!

Man down necklace

Where you can find Bad Chihuahua Design:

Check out my original review of Bad Chihuahua Design here

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