Friday, August 31, 2012

Modern Flower Child Giveaway -Choose an item of your choice!

Super cute shop!  Beautiful flowers preserved forever!  A true artisan!  And guess what?!  She takes custom orders!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have jewelry made of the first flowers you ever got from a loved one?  A bangle from the sand collected from your honeymoon?  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Real flowers, grasses and other foliage are handpicked, dried and embedded into crystal clear resin. Each piece is shaped into a nice slip on style bangle and given a crystal clear finish that sparkles in the light.

Pink Earrings- Pink jewelry- Real Flower Earrings-Pink Flowers- Pink Flower Jewelry- Resin Jewelry- Post Earrings-Rose Buds- Stud Earrings

I have a love for jewelry from the Modern Era (1900’s-1980’s), especially the style of the early 1970’s in which these bangles were inspired from.
Each piece of handmade artisan jewelry you will find is an original design and is a tribute to the beautiful things nature offers us.

Flower Jewelry- Resin Bangle-Jewelry with Real Flowers- Flower Bracelet- Pink Flowers- Green  Bracelet-Resin Jewelry-Green Bracelet
The jewelry in our shop is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, bumps and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the jewelry.

ModernFlowerChild is open to custom orders and will soon be making pendants, rings and other beautiful flower resin jewelry

Warmth- Real Flower Jewelry- Dried Flower Jewelry- Flower Pendant- Resin Jewelry- Orange Pendant- Brown Pendant

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carole said...

love this one
Flower Jewelry- Flower Pendant- Dried Flowers- Red Flower- Resin Jewelry-Resin Pendant-Green L

Happy Cosmos said...

So pretty :) I love each and every piece.

-frendlich- said...

so pretty items! :) you do have creative hands..

contact me :

Lane said...

I'd pick this one!

Lkay107 said...

I like the Green Medley bracelet

HedgeHogi said...

Love this one- Flower Bracelet- Multi Color Flowers- Purple Bracelet-Yellow Bracelet at gmail dot com

eclairre said...

my fave:

moonsword said...

Supercool jewels! I'm lovin' the Pebble Bangle but I don't wear bracelets so my fave has to be the Orange Crush unusual! Great work!