Saturday, November 12, 2011

New! Rose Sculpture Jewelry

For one of my best friend's wedding this past October, I designed these simple and modern rose sculpture (scribble?) earrings!  Her theme was roses and her colors were red and gold, so I thought it was appropriate!  These sets are what the bridesmaids wore.  All materials are gold filled with semi precious stones.  

What do you think?

Set #1:  

Of course, you don't have to put them together this way, but I liked the small earrings with the large necklace :

Small rose sculpture earrings dangling on a large clear quartz crystal with large triple rose necklace.  The rose in the center of the necklace is larger than the ones on the sides:

Here's a close up:

Set #2
Large single rose sculpture earrings with crystal quartz "dew drop" with triple mini rose sculpture necklace:

close ups of the earrings and necklace:

and last, but not least, the earrings I designed for the bride herself for her rehearsal brunch:

double rose earrings:

These are all now listed for sale in my etsy shop!
Check it out!

I think they came out so much better than I was expecting!  Her wedding was simple and elegant and I wanted earrings that wouldn't be too over the top or "bridesmaid-ey" and I think they came out very well.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!


bloomerbear said...

Beautiful work!!

Sue Bunting said... I love these earings!!!

Karren said...

I love these rose sculptured earrings and necklace, very unusual!!