Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orderly Civilians Giveaway end 7/10

As promised!
This is one delicious giveaway!  Meet Melissa, the woman behind this adorable product!  

She's got super sweet Apple Rings and Pendants that would look so great for the summer!  And who wouldn't love one of these to remind you of the coming spring in the dead of winter?!  I think these are GREAT conversation pieces and are sure to bring comments wherever you go.  They're VERY affordable, too!

Melissa, I love these adorable apple accessories!  Tell us a little about yourself and how these came about!

Mythic Golden Apple Ring
I'm 27, born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but have lived in the US since I was 9. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture from USC and am currently studying landscape architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard in Cambridge, Mass. I'm avidly interested in industrial design and fabrication, but have a deep and abiding love for all things fluffy and cute. One day, I'd like my boyfriend and I to live in a house I designed, with a kitchen garden and a handful of hens, designing and dreaming all day long.

My shop began about 2 years ago, after a spring cleaning that brought me face to face with a pencil that I had intended to give to my elementary school teacher, years ago. It had an apple topper, and although I never got around to giving it to her, I could never bring myself to throw it away over the years. I had a few ring blanks lying around and out of whimsy, glued the apple topper onto one. The next day, I wore it out and received so many positive comments that it was inevitable that Orderly Civilians should be born! Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off in the unlikeliest ways...!
Red Delicious Necklace

As it was the one that started the store, I suppose that the Granny Smith apple ring is my favorite item, although the Red Delicious is by far the most popular. I also really like the globe series, especially the Gold Chip one. I'm inspired by everyday items that can be reimagined (such as snowglobes in the case of the globe rings), and I really love the work of artists such as Thomas Doyle, who take small, precious items (such as terrariums) and add an unexpected dimension to them.

In the future, I'd like to create more than just jewelry and branch out into small accessories. I've been working on a buttoned scarf that I'd like to get in to the store soon.

I love the necklace!  It's sooo adorable!
Wouldn't this be a great teacher-appreciation gift?
You can find Melissa here

I've got mine, so If you can't wait to get one of your own, 
you can still purchase one at a great price!
Melissa is offering you a 15% off her already very affordable prices.  Just enter code
in her etsy store at checkout!  
Hurry, because this great offer ends Aug 31.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!  
Melissa is offering one lucky winner her 
Red Delicious Apple Ring!  So cool!  
Wouldn't this look fabulous on your finger?

How to enter:
Mandatory:  You must be a follower of my blog!  
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open to followers in the US, Canada and International!

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Extra optional entries:
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Contest ends on 7.10.2011 
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Jenn Spencer said...

I followed via GFC. And I'd like the Custom Filled Globe Ring.

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Jenn Spencer said...

I liked Jewelry By J on FB!

I Love Making Tutus

Jenn Spencer said...

I liked Orderly Civilians on FB!

I Love Making Tutus

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Looks wonderful, Janelle! Thanks so much and best of luck to all the entrants!

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Thank you :)

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I am now following your blog and did everything in the list.
Thanks for introducing me to this artist's work.

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