Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you still a kid at heart? {& Giveaway!}

If you are, you will LOVE Unicorn Crafts!

I recently received these adorable little skull earrings!  If you don't know already, I love cute little skulls and these were right up my alley!  

I think these would make a fun gift for a young girl or someone who's young at heart (like me!) and the great thing is that they're inexpensive at $12 a pair!

They are handmade - and well done at that!  She has a great attention to detail, which I really appreciate!

I love the cute little packaging!  They came in an envelope and was wrapped in purple tissue with a leather-like little tie!  CUTE!

And came on a cute little card!  =)  I love how the skulls face each other!  I hate it when pairs are exactly the same and not mirror images of each other.  I guess that's just one of my pet-peeves.

Here's me wearing mine!  I love it!  Fun and subtle at the same time!

Aren't they so cute?!  

They are made of thick shrinky dink plastic and are very sturdy.  I love Faheema's attention to detail!  No sharp edges, no whites outside the lines, no excess glue!  

She's got quite a few ADORABLE other earrings and accessories, if skulls aren't you're thing!  Like these super cute koala earrings!  

I'm SURE you can find someone to give these cuties to!

You can find Unicorn Crafts here:

Stop back 8/25 - 9/5!
Unicorn crafts is giving one lucky reader a pair of her adorable white elephant earrings!

Thanks Faheema!

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