Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sea Glass Necklace and earrings

My sister-in-law and her family go to Hawaii every year for vacation.  Her husband decided to collect some sea glass from the beach (secretly, and even got a sunburn doing it) and brought it back for me to design some jewelry around it to commemorate their vacation.   Isn't that sweet of him?

He gave me a huge bag of shells and glass to sift was pretty heavy and I can't believe he brought that all back!  What a great idea, though!

My sister-in-law loves matching sets, so I set out to make a necklace and earring set for her.  First I tried to find pieces that either matched relatively well or I thought could go together.  Plus, color was important, too.

Of course, I do not have a drill, so I had to decide how to best wire wrap the glass.  I used 28 gauge half hard sterling silver wire.  I think this looks best with sea glass because the holes that get drilled in the piece are so large and sometimes crack the glass.

But here it is!  My final result!  Tell me what you think!

Hawaiian sea glass and freshwater pearl in sterling silver earrings

Freshwater pearl and hawaiian sea glass necklace with delicate double strand sterling silver chain:  I found three pieces that were sort of triangular shaped and I thought would look pretty as part of a necklace instead of a pendant type.  And to add some interest, I doubled the delicate chain and added another bounty of the sea - freshwater pearls.

Here's the wrap in a little more detail:  I never realized how difficult it would be to wrap it in a pretty manner, but I think I'm hooked!

and the back with an extender, of course! and a little sea shell i found in the bag that already had a convenient hole in it  =)

and here's what they look like on...soooo pretty and I love how personal it is!  

This is one of a kind and unfortunately, not going into my store.  However, he did say I can keep the rest of the sea glass, so if you would like something specially made for you, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss!  Hurry!  Christmas is just around the corner!

Have a great week!

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