Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ayami Hiroshige Jewelry Designs

It's getting warm out on this side of the country!

With summer just around the corner (that means tank tops and bathing suits!), what better way to add that something extra to your outfit than with a beautiful bracelet?

Those of you that know me know that I LOVE accessories with skulls on them.  

I just wanted to share with you this gorgeous bracelet I just got from Ayami Hiroshige Jewelry Designs.  It's right up my alley!  They are stretchy and Ayami can custom size it for you!

The bracelets came in a very pretty (and reusable) organza drawstring bag and a very nice notecard!

I love how bling'd out the skull is!  It's a gunmetal color with black crystals on it.  The size is just right, too.  Not too big, but big enough that it will catch the eye, and small enough to still be considered dainty.  Ayami pairs it very well with just the right sized semi-preciuos stones!

It's sooooo beautiful!  It's made with hematite and a sparkly skull charm!  I love it!  It's so very sweet and blingy and edgy all at the same time!  I adore that it's made with hematite and at $16, is extremely affordable.

For those of you that don't know, hematite is a strong gemstone that grounds and protects the wearer.  It endows you with courage, strength and vitality.  It can dissolve negative energy and at the same time, boosts your self esteem and survivability.  Supposedly enhances your willpower and imparts confidence while stimulating concentration and focus.

Her shop's got a lot of beautiful and affordable stuff!  It only LOOKS expensive!

 Check it out here or click any of the photo's below.

I love that her jewelry is so wearable and you can wear one or a bunch and it would look great!  Can't you see yourself wearing one (or all!) of these at the pool?  I think a couple of bracelets would look great with a printed wrap that can easily transition you from day to night. 

A few other things from Ayami's shop that I love:

I love how these looked all stacked together...that and a little black dress would be all you need!

So sweet and simple...can you see yourself wearing this one every day?!

This is so simple yet so bling!  I love it!

Where you can find Ayami Hiroshige Jewelry Designs:

Twitter and Instagram: @ayamihiroshige

Check back next month for a great giveaway from Ayami Hiroshige Jewelry Designs!


Elettrarossa said...

I love huge plain chains, so I'd choose Hiroshige!!! Thanks for the beautiful finds!

Bindu said...

I am going to make a big chain bracelet for me. I have a long chain just waiting for a project. when it is finished I will show it on my blog httt://

Cecil Atom said...

Awesome bracelet! I love the style and I could definitely use the dissolving of negative energy.

Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster said...

Thanks for the intro (and I look forward to your future giveaway!) I Etsy Hearted the shop and several items/designs (I'm Jesselyn) they include the Nani Gold Wrap Bracelet and the Loa Mixed Gold Chain Necklace.

Thanks, Entering your Wandering Laur giveaway right now!

(Jesselyn Andersyn)

Ashley said...

I like that her shop carries a variety of items. I really like the fact it all looks customized.

HedgeHogi said...

She makes jewelry I love! I love the different styles of bracelets. at gmail dot com

Sue Bunting said... My daughter loves the sparkly skull charm!

G said...

i like the chunky chains

Mary said...

I looked at her Etsy shop and loved everything, especially the prices!