Thursday, March 15, 2012

Custom Name Necklaces

I'm happy to share some custom name necklaces that I recently had ordered on my etsy site...

Name necklaces are done in sterling silver, gold filled or argentium (anti-tarnish) sterling silver.  They can be further customized with your choice of stones...all names are handmade by me free form!  

When doing a custom necklace, I always do a copper "mock-up" like the one below.  The AnneMarie necklace was ordered by someone for their niece.  I send my customer a picture (with a ruler, so they know approximately how big it will be) of the copper mock up for approval.  Once they give the okay and/or any changes made, I make it in the precious wire.

Here's necklaces I did for two sisters (ages 10 and 5).  They were so happy with them and their mother reports to me that they wear them everyday.  She loves it because they are affordable and she doesn't have to worry about them losing it, but they are still sterling silver and won't turn their necks green.  Stephanie's is done with dark amethyst and Samantha's are done with pale pink freshwater pearls.

This necklace was made for a 20-30 something year old =) who wears it proudly and totally loves her custom creation!  Stones are labradorite.

This adorable necklace was made for a work friend for her niece with green aventurine accents

This one was made for my dear friend Jane with clear quartz accents...

Want to see more necklaces?  See my previous post here.

Want to buy your own custom name necklace?
Visit my etsy store or click on the picture below for the direct link
to the necklace in sterling silver!


Elettrarossa said...

Interesting post and the result...just lovely!!!

Nancy Pants said...

This is beautiful!

Roxanne Ponn said...

I would love to have a necklace like this :)