Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Custom Name Necklaces

My latest love is making customized name necklaces out of sterling silver or gold filled wire.  

It started off as a joke when I saw earrings with someone's name written in it.  I told my friend I would make her those and we laughed about it.  But after I went home, I started seriously thinking about it.  This is the first one I made.   I practiced by making her a copper wire bracelet, first.  It's gold filled and has clear quartz crystals at each end and in the "o" of the "posvar"

Fast forward and I think my script has definitely improved and gotten a little more refined.   It's hard to tell, but the one below is actually SMALLER than the one above.  This is the last one I did for a client.  His daughter liked it so much, he ordered one for all his daughters and step-daughters.  

This one is in sterling silver with dark amethysts.  These are all made free hand and I use needle nose pliers, which I recently upgraded to a smaller, thinner model for more precision.  

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