Monday, April 18, 2011

earrings with accents

These gorgeous earrings were a design I stole from my friend and co-worker, Julie.  She's the one who assisted me into the making jewelry world.  She had given me a swarovski crystal and labradorite earrings with a similar design.  I really really liked it, so I studied it and actually was able to copy it!  I was so proud of myself.  Her labradorite stone was actually considerably larger than the ones I've used, which is one of the reasons I wanted to copy it.  They were beautiful earrings, but tugged on my ear a little bit due to the weight.  I wanted the same, but with lighter, smaller stones.

From left to right:  Amethyst (2 different shades), venetian glass beads from Italy with swarovski crystal, freshwater pearls with labradorite.  I do not have these listed in my etsy store, but feel free to contact me if you would like a pair for yourself!
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