Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free ipad App for Kids! until 1/1/12 June Blossom ABC Coloring Book

Remember a while back I told you about a great new ipad application for kids or anyone learning their alphabets and sounds?  No?  To refresh your memory, click here!

June Blossom ABC Coloring Book
 is now offering a special promotion!  
Download the initial application for FREE!
Get it here!

All they ask is that you spread the word!

But hurry, this promotion won't last!
It's only free until New Year's Day (that's this Sunday)!
Click here!

Regular price is a mere $0.99, but what a great way to try something different and new!  Plus they sell great add ons to the app at really low prices, too!

Looking for a great educational application to help your child (or anyone, for that matter! - know someone trying to learn English?) build a solid foundation?  June Blossom believes that children and adults learn best through fun and engaging activities!  They want to turn your child's play time into an active learning environment without them knowing!

Check out the demo!

June Blossom is an effective tool with colored illustrations and interactions, allowing children to color in pictures, apply stickers to their creations and playing with interactive alphabet blocks!  They consulted educators, pediatricians, designers, parents and children while building their application!

They carefully chose words and pictures that best represent each letter of the alphabet, so that your child hears the correct phonetics of pronunciation from their voice coach.

Even Better?

After each session, your child can be surprised with a congratulatory award message an animation!  I love the positive reinforcement!

AND, once your child has mastered their ABC's, they offer many more upgrade avenues like writing, counting numbers, a wider variety of themes and colors for a low low price!

In anticipation of having our first child, my husband and I have already downloaded this app to our ipad!  =)

Would love to hear what my readers think about this application, too!

Want more information?  They have a facebook page!

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