Saturday, May 26, 2012



I found the coolest store...well, I should say stores!  It's got a little something for everyone!

Do you always have trouble finding a quirky friend or relative the perfect gift?!  Have I got the places for you!!!

I stumbled upon Astrophe on etsy and found out that Kat, the crafter behind it all, has got three other stores, too!  More about that, later!  But keep reading if you're a Harry Potter Fan or know someone who is!

Look what I found from Astrophe!  
Wouldn't this be PERFECT for a little boy (or not so little) who LOVES DINOSAURS?!    It's a T-Rex skull keychain!  I thought this was so unique!  Perfect gift for the dinosaur-loving dad?

It comes in a wonderful little pouch

Here's a close-up.  It's made from plastic and is very realistic.  Great for kids (well, it IS made from a children's toy), since there are no sharp edges.  I think this would look great on a special little man's backpack!

Here's the top view where the key chain is attached.  Very secure!  Wouldn't this look adorable attached to your child's backpack?  Or on your favorite guy's keys?

At $6, this is a great find and would be perfect for a child's graduation gift (end of school is almost upon us!) or just a little something to let them know you're thinking of them!  Kat's also got other dinos, too!  And not just keychains!  Check out her dino selection!

For the Harry Potter fan 
What's better than Harry Potter inspired jewelry?!

I thought this Malfoy snake necklace was creative and cool!
Very Harry Potter, but very subtle about it, too!

For people who love bones and fur or really unusual, eye catching items

For people who love buttons!

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Mary said...

Not your everyday jewelry. Some really neat pieces!