Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beautiful Bracelets from MondayByMe

I just got another awesome bracelet to add to my skull collection.  It's from an etsy shop called Monday By Me and she's got beautifully elegant bracelets sure to please everyone!  Mother's Day is coming you know a mom who loves arm candy?

This is the crystal skull and turquoise bracelet.  You can also choose turquoise and a silver colored skull, and at $18, it sooo affordable and looks sooo expensive!  You could easily spend way more for a far inferior product at a department store!

Came in a tiny little organza bag.  I love these little bags so much!  You can put a bunch of things in them and they're so light weight!  

A close up of the skull - note it has crystals all over, including black crystals for the eyes!  Lots of bling and a nice contrast to the earthy, organic turquoise colored stones

So you can see the proportion and how it will look on your wrist!  LOVE it! Not too big and not too small.  I'm thinking it would look divine for the upcoming summer season..paired with a white dress and gold sandals...

Here's the back, just in case you're wondering.  Nice and smooth and very comfy.  What I love about this bracelet is that it doesn't pinch (because the stones and a great size) and it stretches, so can fit just about anyone's hand

Check out her shop!  Right now she's running a special promotion!

Buy any two bracelets and get a free one!  Who doesn't love FREE?

Some other things I love from Monday By Me:

Check back next month to win this beautiful bracelet!


Elettrarossa said...

Great jewellery, I love gemstones!

G said...

You have a great eye for jewelry--love Mondaybyme!