Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Summer is just around the corner ladies and gentlemen!  I bet some of you can't wait to crack open your summer wardrobe!

What better way to accessorize your bare arms than with a beautiful bracelet ...or two...or three!

I've got another great shop to share with you!  I got this beautiful gemstone bracelet from Samanthaa332.  Yes, yes it's a skull bracelet, but she's got other beautiful things in her shop!

Here's her pretty pink packaging

And a pretty pink bag

It fits perfectly and I love how it's stretchy and oh so comfortable.  At under $20, it's within reach of every budget!

Here's a close-up of the bracelet - I love how plain the skull is in contrast to the rhinestone beads on either side of it.  The black rhinestone eyes give it just a tiny bit of bling, too!

Would make a PERFECT bracelet for a man!  In fact, I wore this to work one day and one of my male co-workers asked me where I got it and told me he had to have one.  Then he asked me if the bracelet cost over $60!

Now YOU can look like you spent a lot of money on your jewelry, too!
Check out Samantha332 and use
 GET10OFF at checkout to get 10% off your purchase!

You can find Samanthaa332

Check out the rest of her celeb-worthy goods!
I also love these:

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Elettrarossa said...

lovely gems and bracelets :)

Kat's Fantastical World said...

I really adore these items. I have had a love for all things skulls for many years now. <3 Also the little bag they come in is cute!

Katie Wurn